3D Mountains of Britain and Ireland

All the 3,658 summits over 2,000 ft

2,000-3,000 ft
3,000-4,000 ft
Over 4,000 ft
Ski area


MOUSE: Normal drag to pan. Hold control or right-click whilst dragging to rotate and change pitch. Mousewheel or finger slide to fast zoom in and out.

TOUCHSCREEN: One finger to pan. Two fingers to rotate. Pinch to zoom in and out.

rotate 360°
pitch skywards to increase 3D

Click/tap any mountain name to fly to it. You will come to rest facing west at an 80° pitch.

Click/tap mountain markers for info

Filters control both the interactive listings and the mountain markers on the map. You can select several filters at once. Remove all using the Reset button. Hover over filters with for definitions.

This map is primarily intended as a demo of beautiful, immersive 3D mapping with interactive data filters.

The "find my location" button should work if you can get a mobile data signal in the hills, but the map is not meant to replace GPS/OS orienteering maps. We are not responsible for inexperienced walkers getting lost or falling down a mountain... :)

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