Map of EU countries 2019

editable, scalable, royalty free, vector map base
supplied in Illustrator AI · high-res PDFs · SVG · JPEG / PNG formats

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Vector map of EU countries preview
Vector map of EU countries preview preview

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These previews show examples of styling - but you can edit the colours and fonts etc how you want on the editable vector files in the download.

This editable professional map of the European Union is the perfect reference base map for a changing situation within the EU.

Separate layers allow you to colour code the EU member states, EU acceding countries, EU exiting countries, EU candidate countries and EU potential candidates in any colours you choose. There is even a layer for small territories with special status within the EU, such as Gibraltar and Heligoland, if you wish to highlight them.

Countries outside of the EU, such as Switzerland and Norway, also have their own layer so you have ultimate flexibility on how to depict the European Union within the rest of Europe on your map.

Each country has its own path and fits together perfectly with its neighbours, with excellent boundary detail even at extreme zoom levels, so you can output the map at any size. The paths are labelled on the Illustrator file, so you can easily identify the different areas.

The European Union flag with its official colours (in RGB and hexadecimal codes) and star layout is included on the key. You can turn the key and map labels on or off as you please.

Below is an example of what you can make with our EU map base. Here we have created an animated gif of the current EU countries layered with countries in the Eurozone, countries in the Schengen area, countries in the European Single Market and, finally, the Single Market as it will look if the UK comes out of it in a Hard Brexit.

EU countries, Schengen, Eurozone, Single Market animated map