Political map of Britain and Ireland

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Britain / British Isles / Ireland political map
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These previews show examples of styling - but you can edit the colours and fonts etc how you want on the editable vector files in the download.

There is so much data on this map that you need to reproduce it relatively large, e.g. A4 to poster size, or tile it on several pages, such as in an atlas, in order to read all the detail.

All 128 counties of the UK and Ireland are plotted and named, and you have the option to show them with their administrative boundary lines and/or as areas of colour. The smallest counties of Scotland and Wales are plotted with numbers and keys nearby.

About 575 towns and cities are plotted in five typographic levels according to size. The principal roads, airports and ferry crossings of the British Isles are all shown. There are also hundreds of islands, lakes and rivers on the base layers, making an impressive backdrop to the political data.

The level of detail on this map represents weeks of work, even for an experienced cartographer!

NOTE: If you only need to focus on the UK, check our best detailed map base of the UK, which has more detail, including thousands more roads and town points.

Britain political map