Online postcode maps for business intelligence

Maproom’s online postcode maps cover every geographical postcode in the UK. You can zoom deep into these maps to see postcode districts, sectors, roads and 1.7 million postcode points. Search for any address in the UK and access data about population density, postcode areas, local authority boundaries and much more.

These online postcode maps are invaluable planning tools for businesses working out sales territories, marketing and mail drops, freight, fulfilment and delivery zones for any part of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You can also use our unique in-browser editing system to add your own colours and captions, or commission a bespoke feed of your data from a spreadsheet.

Video preview

The video demonstrates the deep zooming, popup info boxes and search-fly capabilities of the online postcode maps.

  • 121
    postcode areas
  • 2,800+
    postcode districts
  • 11,000+
    postcode sectors
  • 1.7 million+
    postcode points

Example detail of postcode unit centrepoints coloured according to postcode sector

Our unique detailed postcode maps help businesses to visualise postcode data in different ways such as grouping and colouring the postcode units according to postcode sector. The deep zoom capabilities of the maps show how the postcodes relate to streets and buildings.

Open the Marylebone sample in a full window

Interactive maps included

Visualise postcodes in different ways according to how you are using postcode data. Subscription includes access to all these interactive online maps.

Postcodes map detailed roads buildings

1: General purpose postcodes map with roads and buildings

Hugely detailed deep-zoom map with all postcodes in the UK shown in the context of roads, buildings and other geographical features.

2 Postcode areas with popups

2: Top-level postcode areas with popup information

Focuses on the UK’s 121 top-level postcode areas with popup information boxes with totals for post towns, districts, sectors, active postcodes, population and number of households.

Postcode districts with popups

3: Postcode districts with popup information

Focuses on the UK’s 2,800+ postcode districts with popup information for post town, areas, population, households and active postcodes.

4 Postcode points coloured by area

4: Postcode points coloured by postcode areas

1.7 million+ postcode unit points coloured according to postcode area.

5 Postcode points coloured by district

5: Postcode points coloured by postcode districts

1.7 million+ postcode unit points coloured according to postcode district.

6 Postcode points coloured by sector

6: Postcode points coloured by postcode sectors

1.7 million+ postcode unit points coloured according to postcode sector.

Local authorities deep zoom online map preview

7: The UK’s Local Authorities

The UK’s 379 local authority districts, updated for 2020.

Local authorities and postcodes deep zoom online map preview

8: The UK’s Local Authorities juxtaposed with postcodes

Local Authorities are related but often not fully coterminous with postcode boundaries. This map shows the relationship right down to individual postcode points.

Create your own postcode maps online

Use our unique and easy to use in-browser editing system to create your own postcode maps online. Choose between postcode area or district level, and add your own colours and captions. Maps are saved in your account for as long as you subscribe, and you can take screenshots to use offline within your organisation. Perfect for quick visualisations without needing any specialist design software.

Create your own postcode map online


Do I need to install special software to use these maps?
No. They can be viewed and edited within any modern browser whilst you are logged in to Maproom.

Can I download these maps?
Interactive online maps are not downloadable, but you can take screenshots for your organisation’s internal use, such as for presentations.

Do I need a separate user account for each member of my team using the maps?
No. A single login for your organisation will give your whole team access to the maps for as long as the subscription is active. Up to 10,000 map loads and searches are allowed each month per team. Our system offers exceptional value for teams.

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