UK postcodes – data formats for developers

ESRI shapefiles · royalty free for commercial use

This bundle includes formats specifically for developers who need a dataset of UK postcode districts for use in specialist desktop and mobile apps and applications with databases. These are primarily coded datasets rather than visual maps and require advanced developer / programming skills and possibly specialist software to use. (Whereas designers who require a visual vector artwork map base should head to our Best UK Postcodes Map instead of this one.)

The formats included in this download bundle are:

postcode districts data preview
Preview of the SVG file


A full set in the format used by Google Earth. This is especially good if you need a dataset tying in with Google Maps. The KML markup language is structured like XML, with every point of each polygon expressed as digital latitude and longitude coordinates. There is also a version with centroids for each postcode district.


This special SVG set can be viewed visually within a browser as well as edited in code. Every postcode district is identifiable by its own path id. An example of the way in which SVG can be used is in Maproom’s interactive postcode maps that can be rendered on a web page, such as here, which we have created with a mixture of SVG and Javascript.


The dataset in GeoPackage format has broad compatibility with GIS applications and databases.


The dataset in Geography Markup Language.


Esri Shapefiles are popular with digital cartographers and are especially good if you want to convert the polygon shapes of the postcode districts into a different cartographic projection. Our shapefiles dataset uses the British National Grid (10 Figure Grid Reference) coordinate system in its opening state, which can be decoded as latitude and longitude using EPSG:27700. The same shapefiles set is also available as a cheaper standalone product here.

Download free samples from the datasets

Please contact us if you require a format or data not included here.