Vector World Map With All Countries

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Maproom World Map 1
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Examples of styling in the zoom previews are included as ready to use high-resolution PDF files in the download package. You can edit all colours, fonts and other elements using Adobe Illustrator or other SVG editing software.


** Updated to show Türkiye (formerly Turkey) spelling accepted by United Nations in June 2022, and North Macedonia in June 2018 **

This versatile editable vector world map is especially useful for designers working in Adobe Illustrator. The fully editable vector layers are organised into distinct countries, making them very easy to select and colour, either with a single colour for the whole landmass, or different colours for each country.

Each country is labelled using editable live text, so the font can be substituted and scaled without limitations. You can change and add extra labels, scale the country labels individually, or turn off the entire labels layer with one click, depending on your needs.

world map with English language labels
An editable labels layer uses up-to-date English-language country names, but you can substitute, add and delete labels with ease using vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator


Land borders are included as a separate layer, which means you can refine the styling without needing a heavy coastline

A layer for land borderlines is included, which is very useful if you want to show a solid or dashed stroke line for the country land boundaries without affecting the depiction of coastlines, which often look too heavy with a boundary stroke. This rare feature is aimed at graphic designers who want a refined look for their world map.

Conflict zones on the world map

The Maproom world map is kept up to date with any new countries as they are formed, and also plots the major conflict zones, such as Palestine, Kashmir and Crimea. This means that you can choose how to depict the areas of conflict, either as an integral part of another country, or as a conflict zone without current political allegiance. Please note that Maproom is not responsible for the depiction of disputed territories in final outputs of this base map.

We offer customers the possibility to download new versions of this world map without extra charge whenever it is updated.

Note dated 25/5/18: we advise customers not to print or sell products with a world map in China. See our article: China is now censoring world maps.