Dynamic Mapping Suite Premium Pass

Passes for the Dynamic Mapping Suite

Single Month
Premium Pass
Best for:

Trials and short marketing projects

Access will automatically expire after one calendar month

Client-created maps are saved and accessible until pass expires

Bundle options:

This pass is also bundled free with downloadable maps priced over £35

Monthly Recurring
Premium Pass
£35 / month
Best for:

Ongoing business intelligence insight for customer and prospect postcodes

Updating maps over time – client-created maps will not expire or be removed whilst subscription is active

No tie-in period – subscription can be cancelled easily online without penalty

Annual Recurring
Premium Pass
£ 300 / year
SAVE 28%
Best for:

Long-term and advanced interactive mapping needs

Team Access – extra £60 / year per seat

Negotiable bespoke add-ons:

Multi-Layer Data Feeds & Filters
Public Maps
30-day Invoicing or Direct Debit

All premium passes include access to all dynamic maps and mapping tools

Dynamic UK Business Reference Maps

Point-and-Click Mapping Tools

Mapping from Spreadsheets


Limited Free Passes

A Limited Free Pass giving a month’s access only to the Dynamic UK Business Reference Maps is bundled with downloadable map products priced under £35. This type of pass is intended to introduce customers of static maps to the capabilities of dynamic reference maps. It does not include the advanced search or mapping tools which are available only to Premium Passholders.

From: £30.00 / month


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