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New map of EU issued after Brexit

Maproom has issued a new map of the EU after the United Kingdom leaves. Customers who purchased the previous EU map will find the new one in the bundle available on their original download link. This time we have issued the map in two colour stylings, one using the EU's dark blue, with the EU flag in the corner of the map; the other more restful tones. Ready to use PDFs and PNGs are in the package. Designers using Adobe Illustrator or other vector artwork software will be able to style ... Read more

Displaying Shetland in a box on maps is now banned by law on official documents. Seriously.

Today a new law brought by the Islands (Scotland) Bill has come into force to ban public bodies from using maps that display Shetland in a box rather than in its natural geographic position 150 miles north of the Scottish mainland.  The BBC article about the law, instigated by Islands Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott and supported by many who live on the Shetland Islands, uses a version of Maproom's Outline Map of Scotland to illustrate the news item. Now, whilst we are delighted to ... Read more

Our London base map used in BBC drama Bodyguard

Maproom has signed a number of release forms for TV production companies in recent years, and we were pleased to spot our London Street Map being used to good effect in the new BBC series Bodyguard last night.  Our map appears in a scene in which actor Gina McKee, playing Commander Anne Sampson of the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command, has a team tracking a terrorist cell online whilst police race through South London to try to stop the terrorists reaching a ... Read more