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China is now censoring world maps

It has been brought to our attention that Chinese authorities are now subjecting world maps to a process of verification to ensure they conform to China’s sovereignty claims. For example, the depiction of disputed territories such as Taiwan and islands in the South China Sea and gas fields in the East China Sea must conform to […]

Using Google Maps or Mapbox: a comparison for building interactive maps

At Maproom we are always trying out different map systems to see if we can harness any digital mapping innovations in our own products and services. An online mapping system called Mapbox has been a rival to Google Maps for some years, though it it still barely known outside the mapmaking/geocoding community. We decided to […]

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We sell accurate, editable map bases for websites, brochures, books, magazines and apps. Our royalty-free terms allow you to use a map for commercial purposes without any limit on print run or page views.

Our maps are supplied in “vector” formats, meaning they have live paths and anchor points allowing you to edit the shape, colour and size of all elements on the map. You can scale your map up or down according to your needs while the image stays sharp. See How to Customise.

Even if you have never made a map before, you can easily tailor any Maproom map to your own requirements. And for professional cartographers and designers they make a brilliant starting point for advanced customisation, saving days of work.

Maproom also offers interactive, animated maps, which can be built to your specifications and embedded on your website or app.

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