London Street Map

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Zoom preview showing full area of coverage (low-resolution)

l London Street Map preview 4
l London Street Map preview 4 preview  preview l London Street Map preview 2 preview  preview l London Street Map preview 5 preview

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Examples of styling in the zoom previews are included as ready to use high-resolution PDF files in the download package. You can edit all colours, fonts and other elements using Adobe Illustrator or other SVG editing software.

This professional vector street map of central London is perfect for graphic designers and cartographers working in Adobe Illustrator or SVG software. Example PDFs with different styling, as shown in the zoom examples, are included in the download bundle and can be used royalty-free as they are by non-designers.

The detailed London street map covers a square area of London stretching from Hammersmith in the west to Aldgate in the east, and Highbury in the north to Clapham in the south. The map base includes building shapes and all of central London’s roads plotted and labelled with live text.

London street map detail with road casings
A tiny detail from the London street map, styled with road casings. This styling example is included as one of five editable PDFs in the download bundle.
London street map with other font
All the labels can be easily edited and substituted with changes of font, text size and case, and the colouring of all elements can be changed with a few clicks. Compare the fonts, colours and road styles of this example with the first example.

London base map details

There is superb detail including urban shading, prominent institutions, railway lines and garden areas. Tube stations, National Rail stations, Overground stations, river piers, borough boundaries, parks, major landmarks and water features are all plotted and labelled. Every individual element is editable on the Illustrator file so you can change colours, move the position of labels, delete features you don’t want, and add your own landmarks to tailor this base map of London for your own project.

London map with strong colours example
You can change layer colours very quickly in Illustrator, using any colour scheme you want. This strong coloured example is also included in the download package.

Please note that there is so much detail on this map that you need to use it at poster size, tiled over several pages or zoom into areas of it in order for the road names and landmark labels to be legible. The map is nominally a huge 166cm x 166cm at 100% in its opening state, with more than half a million anchor points. This is about as much detail for a city map that can be handled in a single file in vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator. The smallest text is legible from 100% upwards at this scale. The zoom examples on the previews here are at about 150%.

Our London street map base includes Ordnance Survey data for accurately plotted roads and buildings, and the OS Crown copyright notice must be retained on final output. The OS copyright notice is found in the bottom right corner of the map in its opening state, although it can be moved and restyled.

Alternative London maps

This London street map is the most detailed and most expensive map base we sell in the Maproom shop. If you require a larger area of London, without all the roads named, take a look at our Map of London with districts, transport, boroughs and transport, which is cheaper and covers a broad area from Shepherd’s Bush in the west to London City Airport in the east, and from Highbury in the north to Streatham Hill in the south. We also have a map of central London with major features, and a map of London Docklands with Canary Wharf, which are good if you want to show the whole of central London or Docklands on a single smallish output, eg. A4 size. There is also a general map of Greater London districts, plus a London postcodes map and separate London boroughs map.

We have map data, including roads and buildings, for the whole of Greater London. Please contact us if you need a different type of London base map not available in the Maproom shop.