Bristol Street Maps

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Zoom preview showing full area of coverage (low-resolution)

Bristol City Centre Street Map preview 1
Bristol City Centre Street Map preview 1 preview Bristol and Environs map preview 1 preview Bristol City Centre map v2 full preview preview Bristol and Environs map v2 full preview preview

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Examples of styling in the zoom previews are included as ready to use high-resolution PDF files in the download package. You can edit all colours, fonts and other elements using Adobe Illustrator or other SVG editing software.

These editable street maps of Bristol and environs are for professional and commercial uses. Included in the download bundle are high-resolution layered PDFs ready for high-quality printing. They are fully editable in Adobe Illustrator, and the SVG format is suitable for developers.

We include two map bases in the download package: one street map of Bristol city centre scaled for legibility at A1 in its opening state; this covers the whole city of Bristol reaching north to Redland, east to Barton Hill, south to Southville and west to Leigh Woods. The second map base is scaled for legibility at A0 in its opening state and covers a much larger Bristol environs area out to Portishead and Avonmouth on the Bristol Channel, Stoke Gifford and Winterbourne in the north, and Keynsham and Bristol Airport in the south. Check the zoom previews on this page to see the full areas of coverage.

Please note, the zoom previews on this web page are limited by the maximum size possible for web preview, but the files included in the download package are fully zoomable and suitable for high-resolution output and printing. The Illustrator PDFs can be used as they are, or form a starting point for your own customised version. You can crop or zoom in to the map artwork at any scale you want. For example you can zoom right in to Bristol city centre at roughly A4 size, or rescale the maps entirely for any other dimensions. The detail will be sharp at every level of usage on the scalable vector artwork.

Bristol City Centre Map preview
Bristol City Centre Map preview – see the low-resolution zoom previews for full area of coverage


Bristol City Centre map v1 zoomed area preview
Version 1 of the styling uses Helvetica font for the labels with a grey backdrop and roads styled as white or colours above the grey. Building shapes, green areas and water give the wealth of detail needed for further orientation at deep zoom levels. The artwork is supplied as layered PDF files that can be used sharp at any scale (unlike the previews on this web page).


Bristol and Environs map v2 zoomed area preview
Version 2 of the styling uses Frutiger Pro font for the labels with a white backdrop and roads styled with casing layers so that white roads can show up against a white backdrop. Graphic designers using Adobe Illustrator can style every element of Bristol city centre and environs maps however they want. This example shows the wealth of detail available for Bristol port on the Bristol environs map base.

All of Bristol’s roads, buildings, rivers, parks and transport hubs are plotted in detail from Ordnance Survey open data. You must include the OS copyright attribution in the bottom right corner of the map when printed or used commercially, though you can restyle and move the attribution.

Files included in the Bristol and environs street maps download bundle include layered Illustrator CC and Illustrator CS versions, SVG and EPS. There are also two styling examples as high-resolution PDFs, as seen in the previews on this page.

Download sample strips from the layered PDF files here