UK Local Authorities Maps (detailed) with towns, roads and postcodes

Downloadable, editable, scalable, royalty free, vector artwork map base supplied in Illustrator AI · High-res PDFs · SVG · Examples ready to use & edit

Price £45.00

Product code: MR157

Zoom preview showing full area of coverage (low-resolution)

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Examples of styling in the zoom previews are included as ready to use high-resolution PDF files in the download package. You can edit all colours, fonts and other elements using Adobe Illustrator or other SVG editing software.

This exceptional value map package is aimed at professional organisations, graphic designers and data analysts who need detailed visual map reference for the UK’s local authorities shown in context with towns, roads and postcode districts. The package includes multiple downloadable maps and a free Single Month Premium Pass for our Dynamic Mapping Suite. In the Dynamic Mapping Suite you can feed in spreadsheet data to an online interactive version of this map, and see how the local authorities relate to postcodes at street level.

The package

  • 1 x detailed map of the UK showing all 374 of the UK’s local authorities, plus hundreds of towns and the boundary lines for more than 2,800 postcode districts. This large PDF can be used for on-screen reference and for editing and large-scale high-quality printing (if printed with the smallest labels legible at 100%, this map is more than 3 metres in height).
  • 1 x map of UK local authorities with towns and roads. This version is for users who need geographical context for the local authorities but not the distraction of postcode districts. Hundreds of towns are plotted, as well as motorways and major roads.
  • 1 x map of the basic UK local authorities (without the context of towns, roads or postcode districts). This basic map is also available as a cheap standalone product here for users who do not need any geographical or postcode context for the local authorities.
  • 1 month premium pass for our Dynamic Mapping Suite.

Notes for graphic designers

The PDF maps are saved with all layers editable using the most recent version of Adobe Illustrator. All elements are live, including labels and fonts. The local authority layers are available as both inland boundary lines and polygon fill areas for easy colour editing. The postcode districts are available as inland boundary lines only (not polygon fill areas). As well as the pdf files, the maps are also supplied as Illustrator files and SVGs.

Coterminous and non-coterminous local authority and postcode boundaries

Local Authority boundaries and postcode districts are often related but not always coterminous – not even at country borders! Use our maps to see the relationship. For the best level of detail, use the online map which lets you zoom into street level.