UK postcode areas map for printing “A” format

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This version of the UK Postcode Areas Map is a PDF file scaled specifically for printing at “A” format paper sizes. From A4 upwards the text is legible, and it will scale neatly and sharply at A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 print sizes.

A superb planning tool for sales & marketing, the map is in greyscale with postcode areas on a white background, just right for being annotated with colour pens.

The map can be printed on any office laser or inkjet printer. The artwork is positioned to allow for the typical margins of office printers, reducing the possibility of the edges of the map being cut off.

The PDF is also suitable for high-quality full bleed poster printing and lamination, and can be sent to a professional printer as it stands for output at A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 sizes.

Another superb feature of the map of interest to professional graphic designers is that it is an Adobe Illustrator PDF with all layers live and editable in Illustrator.

It is also bundled with a Limited Free Pass for our Dynamic Mapping Suite. This gives access to a unique set of online reference maps in which you will be able to zoom deep to see road names and buildings juxtaposed with postcode sectors and units.

Want more colour?

This map is included with four more colourful downloadable versions here.

Want more detail?

If you need more context such as towns, roads and other features, check these other options:

Postcode maps for “A” format printing – FULL SET

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UK postcode areas map for A-format printing - preview
Preview of the UK postcode areas map for A-format printing. The map is supplied as a scalable PDF suitable for high-quality printing with legible labels at A4 and above.
A format postcodes overview map preview
An alternative version of the map includes postcode district lines in red. This version is also sold as part of the postcode districts bundle.