Map of UK postcode districts

Downloadable, editable, scalable, royalty free, vector artwork map base supplied in Illustrator AI · high-res PDFs · SVG · examples ready to use & edit

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Bundle with free 14-day access to dynamic postcodes and mapping tools
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Zoom preview showing full area of coverage (low-resolution)

Detailed map of UK postcodes
Detailed map of UK postcodes preview  preview Detailed UK postcodes map preview  preview

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Examples of styling in the zoom previews are included as ready to use high-resolution PDF files in the download package. You can edit all colours, fonts and other elements using Adobe Illustrator or other SVG editing software.

This editable base map has all the geographic UK postcode districts – nearly 3,000 districts in total. Postcode districts are the alphanumeric identifiers used in the first part of a postcode, e.g. L1, CR2, EH46 for districts in Liverpool, Croydon and Edinburgh, respectively.

The editable Illustrator version of this map contains all of the UK postcode districts as interlocking layers grouped by postcode area. For example, the OX (Oxford) postcode area contains a group of layers for OX1 to OX49. This makes it easy to select individual districts and groups of districts for colour editing.

Bundled with free access to dynamic postcodes

In addition to the downloadable map versions, we offer free 14-day access to our dynamic online postcode maps system with this map bundle. This includes street-level postcode maps and online Quick Select and Spreadsheet Upload methods for colouring and captioning postcode maps.

Postcode area colouring example
Example of how groups of postcode districts can be coloured
Liverpool at 100 percent
Liverpool postcode districts at 100%
Liverpool at 200 percent
Liverpool postcode districts at 200%
Liverpool at 300 percent
Liverpool postcode districts at 300%

Scaling for the map of UK postcode districts

This map is recommended for professional cartographers and graphic designers who understand how to scale and output vector artwork. It is a complex piece of vector artwork with more than half a million anchor points.

The smallest postcode districts on this map are legible only when the map is blown up to large poster size. Therefore, you will need to output it as a zoomable PDF or tile the map (break it up into a series of smaller images, such as in an atlas) or zoom into metropolitan areas to make sensible use of it according to your needs.

In its opening state, the Illustrator version of this map is nominally 5291 x 7900 pixels within the artboard area (see the zoom examples for coverage), with the Channel Islands and Shetland extending beyond the artboard. The three images below show that the dense postcode districts of Liverpool are not legible at 100% in the opening state of the Illustrator file – you have to zoom to about 200% to read them. Because all the layers are vector, there is no loss of resolution even at extreme zoom levels.

Fonts are editable and scalable. You can also turn off the labelling with a single click if, for example, you want to show the postcode area names and district boundaries but not district codes.


An enhanced version of this map includes roads, post towns and county borders for context. See our best UK postcodes map with all the postcode districts, post towns and roads.

If you only need to show the postcode areas – i.e. OX, SO, AB, etc without the numbers – you will be better off with the simpler UK postcode areas map, which is cheaper and less complex to work with.

We also have a detailed London postcodes map, which focuses on the central London postcode districts and gives greater detail in the innermost postcode districts, such as SW1V, EC4M, W1C, etc.